I, Nim Bryant, started attending Franklin Circle Christian church in the 1980’s.

I made a lot of bad decisions in my life, and someone referred me to Franklin Circle. I decided to join the church because I liked the Pastor and the church itself, so I decided to be baptized by Pastor Dupree since I was never baptized.

Pastor Dupree was at Franklin Circle for many years. He has moved on to Wisconsin. After Pastor Dupree there are numerous Pastors coming and going.

Pastor Connie came along and married Frances and me in the late 1990’s. I was real active in the church. I remember going with the gang of Norma Stearns, mother- Thelma Carpenter, Mary Calvert and many others to visit the Welch Home in Rocky River.   I grew fond of these great people.


The church was changing and I didn’t really want to change with it in the beginning. Years later, I thought no Pastor would stay at Franklin Circle, the Pastor Allen Harris came along. I left the church for a while, but my wife Frances kept going to church with the children.

My heart was still with the church. Carol Sauer, the secretary lady, called me to do repairs in the church. I would donate my time to the church. Meanwhile secretary Carol asked me: “Why don’t you come back to church? Pastor Allen Harris is the best Pastor that ever happened to Franklin Circle Christian Church!”

Later my wife Frances had an accident and passed on in 2006. Pastor Allen was on vacation and came back in the middle of it to be with my family. Then when I came back to Franklin Circle, the members greeted me like I had never left.

This shows how much love the congregation has. The reason why I come to church is that I love the church, the Pastor and people that attend here.

In my opinion, since Pastor Allen has been at Franklin Circle Christian Church, the church has been moving forward in the right direction and this is why I support the church.

We will now share in the morning offering.