“Clothed, Blessed, And Going Where?”

Sermon by Michelle Brown

June 1, 2014

Luke 24:44-53

Most of us don’t even realize we have powers. Everyone has special powers. These powers are gifts from God. We are to use our powers to please God. Sure I would like to switch but then I would not be me. I would love to be skinny, able to see like you, and not be in pain. We have to be ourselves because everybody else is already taken. I could sing like Scott. But if I’m Scott who would Scott be. Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself but, what if we don’t love ourself? I would love to be taller but God had enough tall people. I would love to sing but there’s enough singers. I am an advocate, a voice for those who are not heard. There will be tests and trials but you must take a stand. Fight for what you believe in! I took a stand for the Child Protection Policy and finally got it. It took about 4 Board meetings. When you stay true to who God created, and be who God intended you to be you will fulfill God’s will! We will all fulfill God’s will by being ourself and following our heart! God created us special to fulfill a special plan. We need to trust God. We need to accept ourself and others. We often judge others because of our own issues. He knows the big picture details. God created you in his own image therefore you are not only special, you are perfect! We often forget perfection has mistakes, redos, and pride. I remember writing and rewriting papers for the commission, until they were perfect. You are perfect just being uniquely you, don’t ever change or forget it!   After all, we should lead by action. Jesus didn’t just tell us what to do he showed us what to do! The plan God had for Jesus was fulfilled. He died for the forgiveness of sin. I’m not sure what I will die for but I’m sure it will have something to do with why I AM who I AM. You cannot get through a single day with having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make! The future is what we make it. We all look up to someone and someone looks up to us. The path we take is God’s path and where it leads I don’t know, I just follow. Clothed with the armor, blessed with the gift, and going where God leads.