Sermon Outline for Sunday, January 13, 2013

“Making The Baptismal Waters Last”

Luke 3:15-17 & 21-22

Isaiah 43:1-7

Franklin Circle Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Cleveland, Ohio ~

Rev. Allen V. Harris, Pastor & Preacher

[NOTE:  All I used was an outline today.  To hear and see the sermon, please go to our church’s YouTube page here: ]


You know my shtick: 5 Images Of Water à 5 Elements Of Baptism

1.      Cleansing

2.      Nourishing

3.      Initiating

4.      Dying

5.      Resurrecting

= all about RENEWAL

But how can we be renewed without running to the baptismal waters every year/month/day/hour/minute?

Renewal Is A Matter of Perspectives & Practices


Are My Gifts Being Used Well?

>We don’t need a “program” or “resource,” just ask two or three

trusted individuals “What am I good at?” or “what do you see

with a little training or help I would be good at?

Am I Called To Do This?

> Am I doing this out of a feeling of obligation or purpose?

> Are others more clearly called to do this?

> Has my calling been fulfilled & I need to move on to another call?


1. Cleansing: What do you do that brings cleansing in your life?

> Actual bathing

> Asking/Granting Forgiveness

> Serving

2. Nourishing: What nourishes your body, mind, and soul?

> My 5 Essential Practices (Embodiement):

1. Reading;

2. Being Physical

3. Writing

4. Experiencing Music

5. Creating

3. Initiating: What do you do well and feel called to do that you need to                           “start over?”

> New place to do it?

> New people to do it with?

> New training to do it better?

> Different/Better Equipment to do it with?

4. Dying: What do you need to cut from your life?

> Addictions that need to stop

> Relationships that are draining

> Responsibilities that are burning you out

> Things that are weighing you down

5. Resurrecting: What needs to be born in you/born anew?

> Healthy Practices

> New relationships

> New activiites

> New perspectives

“Making The Baptismal Waters Last”