I’m in the midst of the Congress on Urban Ministry in Chicago. Even though it is only the first morning I’m already feeing convicted. So far I’m being reminded by some of the most respected and theologically sound church leaders of our day that the Gospel of Jesus is about truly standing in solidarity with those who are hurting and in confronting the powers and principalities of this world. I am being pushed to move beyond *talking* about justice to *doing* justice. Well!

“The only judgement of our spirituality is how we act in the wold” preached Dr. Obery Hendricks. Not our theology, not our liturgy, and not our own self-fulfillment or success, but structural change! After being baptized, after preparing himself through prayer, he says he was called to preach good news to the poor.

Boy, this calls me to evaluate my passion for teaching and discussing justice. Do my “Widening The Circle Forums” help Jesus’ primary purpose in ministry or simply hinder or postpone our active involvement in justice? How can we insure that our discussions always lead to real actions?

Boy is this going to influence our Lenten theme of “The Warmth Of God’s Love!”. While we work to get blankets to God’s people in need we must be asking why are God’s people cold? What systems are failing people and keeping people homeless?

(I didn’t post this right away and should have. More soon!)