Pastor Allen To Fulfill Continuing Education Time

At 2011 Congress On Urban Ministry In Chicago

On March 1-4 of 2011, church and community leaders involved in what it means to live in and care for the city will gather in Chicago, IL for the Congress on Urban Ministry.  Pastor Allen will be among them.  We will gather to collaborate and conspire towards a new vision for the city by tackling the toughest urban issues with context-driven theology and cutting-edge theory.

The Congress on Urban Ministry is a biennial event organized by the Seminary Consortium on Urban Pastoral Education (SCUPE) in partnership with organizations, agencies, and denominations doing urban ministry.  The Congress has proven itself as a premier, international gathering of hundreds of pastors, practitioners, academicians, students and people with a passion for social justice who come together to take part in educating, celebrating, and collaborating towards God’s reign in our cities.  This diverse group of participants is committed to finding creative ways to prepare and resource individuals so that their ministries may better confront the issues and needs of their communities.

2011 Urban Ministry Congress Theme

Building upon a 30+ year history of addressing social ills in solidarity with “the least of these,” the 2011 Congress will tackle the all-too-timely issue of violence from a cultural perspective.  We believe that our collaboration at the gathering this coming March can create a flash-point of change in our society as we confess the violence in our own culture and engage with the freedom that comes from peacemaking.

There will be over 50 workshops and seminars on topics ranging from empowering communities out of poverty, confronting racism, faith-based community development, challenges of changing communities, immigration, gang violence, spoken word ministry, preaching peace, and inspiring your congregation to advocate for good public policy.  Keynote speakers include the Rev. Dr. James Forbes, Renita Weems, Walter Brueggemann, Shane Claiborne, Obery Hendricks, Mary Gonzales, Otis Moss III, and others.

Please pray for Pastor Allen as he seeks to grow and be nurtured for his ministry in this diverse and vibrant urban congregation known as Franklin Circle Christian Church.  To follow the conference, find them on Facebook at Congress-on-Urban-Ministry-SCUPE or go online to:

As a personal side note… I have discovered that it is my deep passion to understand more fully and serve more devotedly God’s people, particularly as we gather in cities.  I discover that I lose myself in the mystery that is the dense, vibrant, diverse, exciting community called “The City.”  And while I most certainly believe that all God’s children are loved equally and fully, regardless of geography, there is special attention needed for those of us who gather more closely together, as there are more possibilities, more problems, and more needs when we gather together in such numbers with such close proximity.  Thus, going to events such as this gives me a new sense of purpose, mission, and (to be quite honest) life!