January Begins Lord’s Prayer Sermon Series

In the ten weeks from January 2 to March 6, 2011, Pastor Allen and the worship leadership will guide our congregation through an in-depth exploration of the Lord’s Prayer.  This prayer, offered to us by Jesus, is found in its fullest, most familiar format in Matthew 6:9-11, although it is also offered in Luke: 11:2-4 in a shorter form.  Throughout the ages, and week after week in worship services around the world today, this prayer offers inspiration, comfort, and empowerment for millions of spiritual seekers, faithful followers, and time-tested people of faith alike.

Each week we will look at the words Jesus invited us to model our prayers after, as well as the images, concepts, and traditions that have built up around this exemplary prayer.  Some diverse and challenging perspectives might also be discovered along the way!  Poems, artwork, songs, and hymns will also be offered to accent this journey.

Pastor Allen will be using as companion resources: The Lord’s Prayer For Today by William J. Carl, III and Teaching The Lord’s Prayer by Delia Halverson, both available from http://www.Cokesbury.com.

Please join us for as many of these Sundays as you can, and invite friends, coworkers, and relatives to come and be transformed by this amazing prayer!