I was reading an article this morning about one of the programs dreamed up out of the Church of the Saviour Community in Washington, D.C. In this case, it was the neighborhood health care clinic, Family Place, which has provided many immigrant individuals and families with some of the fundamental basics in health care and dignity.  It reminded me of the amazing visits I had to several of the Church of the Saviour social service and justice institutions in the Adams Morgan area of D.C. as well as with several of the worshipping communities that inspire, commission, resource, support, and promote the amazing work the community does in Jesus’ name.

There is no doubt at all that the time I spent with the good folks there over the course of two summers (One with the City Of God Conference and one on my own, self-directed, Study & Renewal Leave) has made a huge impact on my understanding of ministry and on how I am a servant of God in my life today.  I would encourage folks to learn more about the founders, Gordon and Mary Cosby, and about all of the Church of the Saviour ministries.  Go to: http://www.inwardoutward.org/page/who-church-saviour

Here I (and Flat Franklin) are standing in front of the coffee shop/bookstore where Church of The Saviour was born!